How to Convert IP Address to a Domain and a Domain to an IP Address

Read this article and discover the simplest way to convert IP address to a domain name and a domain name to an IP address!

The procedure of finding an IP address is accomplished by searching the domain name server or DNS until a match on the domain is found. This procedure is known as DNS lookup or IP lookup.

The process of finding the domain name from an IP address includes sending a message to a specific IP address and demanding the device located at that IP address to return the message. Generally, the IP address is the same as the domain name, but, many devices host various domains so the domain name may be just one of the domains hosted or it could be totally different.

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You should know that there are some special IP addresses, for example, is the IP address of every computer used. Regardless of the type of computer you use, your IP address will always be and the name of the local host. You should also know that a computer may have more than just one IP address. So, in order for the computer to connect to other computers is should use an IP address that is known to those computers.

One domain name can be divided into subdomains and these subdomains can be allocated to a host device such as a PC. As a matter of fact, many subdomains can be allocated to the exact same host device. The way the subdomains are allocated is how a record in the DNS is created. That records the subdomain and the IP address to the host device. So, any request for the subdomain is converted to an IP address.

The simplest way to convert an IP address to a domain name and a domain name to an IP address is by using an online converter. You can easily find an online converter, just by typing the words in the Google’s search box. All you need to do is to enter the domain name and click “Find IP Address” or enter the IP address and click “Find Domain Name”. You can also find the host name. The procedure is exact the same.

You will get your results in a few seconds. However, you need to keep in mind that the information is 94% accurate.

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